My Journey

For more than 30 years I have been helping leading brands such as Astra Zenica, Roche, Coller Capital, The White Company, Hotel Chocolat., Lloyds Bank, Berkeley Homes and many more and I am constantly refining ways to build brands that are and continue to be relevant.

With the fundamental principle of emotional brand development at the heart of my process I help organisations build lasting relationships and understanding between business and consumer and create brand loyalty and meaningful connectivity that transcends transactional behaviour.

The result… brands that endure.

Core Values

RWT brand pillars

The RWT core principles reflect a commitment to striving for excellence, adopting innovation and creativity, and promoting an environment of respect both within our team and towards valued customers.






98% of customers buy on emotion and rationalise with logic

As the founder of RWT Creative it has been my goal to help my customers connect with their audience through understanding aspirational, physical and emotional connection. Only by doing this can brand relationships be truly meaningful.

— Russell Turner, founder of RWT Creative

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

— Author's name

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

— Author's name



There is no such thing as bad design simply design or no design. The aim of course is to make whatever creating beautiful. This of course happens when you connect with your audience and when you do they can call your design good if they so wish. This in itsself is by design and never left to chance.


Whether it's a sign pointing you in the direction of an airport check in or to a consulting room, the wrapper on some food, the packaging for a tube of skincare or an exhibition stand – it must be practical and fit for purpose, adhering to guidelines and protocols whether brand determined or legislated.


Uncompromising quality and pieces that simplify and enhance modern living are always those that are versatile. Consider your favourite brands and they will be "handy" enhancements to your daily existence. It's a simple way of defining which of the myriad of consumer brands out there are right for you.

It's not rocket science

I created RWT Creative in 2010. "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler", is a quotation attributed to Albert Einstein regarding science, but it is a quotation that I believe holds true in all aspects of life and the world of design has for a long while been made to appear more confusing and complex that it really is.

...and no sleight of hand

Design should be practical, beautiful, versatile and timeless and focussed upon enhancing the lives of the consumers that buy the brands that we have so carefully created.

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Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but no simpler.

— Albert Einstein

Cut through the noise

We all live faster more stressful lives with more demands, products and agendas pulling on attention. Despite increased generational wealth and technology many find that there is little that has made space for that rare commodity of all – quality time. 

Creativity is an escape and a way back to balance. A way back to understanding self and a way to engage with our true values. When this happens we can truly consider which or all the millions of communications vying for our attention are really worth giving our valuable time toward.

I want to inspire, educate, collaborate, discuss, de-mystify this thing called creativity! This is a journey and I want you to join with me and together learn how to build brands that deliver experiences that are meaningful, yet altogether more simple, authentic, rich and fulfilling.

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